At Adept we have a wide range of skills and experience which allow us to serve clients across the hospitality industry.

The services we offer can be found below, for individual requirements or a quotation.

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Adept work with bars, nightclubs,

corporate and private clients

on all types of events as well as managing

our own internal event roster

such as wedding fairs and club events

with our award winning Love to be

We provide full event plans,

state of the art equipment,

venue sourcing, 

professional DJs,

bands and musicians with all genres covered.

Events covered:


Club nights

Live gigs

Themed events


Bar events

Corporate functions


Private events

Product launches

Bespoke events

Charity events

DJ & Artist Agency

Adept manage and supply some of

the worlds most renowned DJs and live acts.

We are more than just a booking agent. 

We provide entertainment solutions 

for all types of events. Our artists are all highly experienced, professional  and cover

a wide range of musical genres to

provide your event with the perfect sound track.  

We carry our venue visits, analysis,

competitor checks and music programming for

every event as part of our full service packages.

acts available:

Headline club DJs

Party/commercial DJs

Eclectic DJs

Live bands

Acoustic acts



Stage shows


Business & Music Consultancy

Adept offer years of knowledge and

experience in hospitality operations.

We work a wide range of clients from 

established businesses to new ventures.

 If you're looking to launch a new venue,

develop an established brand, manage

budgets or run a new events schedule

then get in touch for a business evaluation.


Operational Procedures

Background music programming

In store radio

Competitor analysis

Event scheduling

Service training

Staffing rotas & Inductions


Analysis & Concept

Supplier sourcing

Operational manual creation

Launch events



Promotional material

Food consultation


Brand Music Development

Giving your brand identity through music 



Instore & external playlist management

Playlist software

Event showcases 

Record label development

Podcast production

Label A&R services 

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